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Section where the production process starts, responsible for recipiency, stowage and wood humidity control.

In particular:

– Selection and preparation of raw materials according to the internal quality standards, largely eliminating the timber defects.

– Preparation of the components, aligning and smoothing the sides of the timber for the next production step.

The leafing line and the massive panel line is also integrated in this section.

Enforcement of machinations of components according to the specifications of the internal instruction sheets.

Using the traditional constructive solutions, the components are machined and controlled rigorously, with perfection and quality.

It offers Computer Numerical Control units (CNC) to assist the machining of components with complex geometry.

Pre-assembly and assembly of components according to the assembly instructions for the instruction sheets.

Check the overall quality of the furniture piece and the smooth operation of doors, drawers, and all mechanical furniture components.

Verification and preparation of surfaces for polishing.

The company has a team of skilled craftsmen in carving. The components are manually grooved, giving authenticity and uniqueness to the final product.

It is the final stage of the production process that gives the character to the furniture piece.

Always manual and personalized, finishing runs with the preferences of each client.

Reconciling traditional techniques and products with the most recent ones, it provides the furniture piece a unique nature without losing the quality and the finishing touch.

Also in this section is made placing technical hardware, decorative hardware and final verifying the proper operation of the unit.

Assignment packaging that best suits transport and furniture destination.