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31 years of experience

The ANTIKA brand was created in 1988 with the intention of launching in the national and international market classic furniture with high quality standards.


How many are we

Actually the company has nearly a hundred direct employees and various partnerships that guarantee the effectiveness of the process and the efficiency of the Organization.


Where we are

ANTIKA is present in:

Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Korea, USA.

Exporting 99% of its annual production.

Company Presentation

Antika, S.A. was created in 2017, due to the growing need to associate the brand “Antika” with the company name. Therefore, Antika arises from the company Pacheco & Moreira, Lda, which has a long and successful presence in the national and international furniture sector.

It began operating in 1988, devoting itself mainly to the manufacture of classic furniture, with the national market as target.

Since 1989, the company refocused its goals to create models with own design, making a big bet on the promotion of their own furniture, resulting this investment in the implementation of its models in the national and international market.

This performance is a story of growth and successive development, based on evaluation capacity and adaptation to external factors and the structuring of an efficient and flexible organization.

Always trying to combine the artisan way of construction with quality woods and excellent workmanship, Antika brand is now recognized as synonymous for quality.

Taking into account innovative and classic design, Antikas bet is mainly bedroom, dining and living room furniture.

Quality Policy

Pacheco & Moreira’s mission is to provide customers with a product, resulting from a transformation-process of raw material of natural origin, guaranteed by the effectiveness of the process and the efficiency of the Organization.

We intend to remain a benchmark in the industry, maintaining market confidence through our Quality Management process. Thus, our activity is guided by the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction
Ensure that the requirements set by the customer for the product / service are fully accomplished.

Fruitful Partner Relationships
Guiding its relations with suppliers, considering them an integral part of the Quality System and maintaining an evaluation and qualification of the services provided.

Employee Satisfaction
Involve all employees in the Quality System, being attentive to their needs.

Innovation and Product Design
Betting increasingly on creating own models.

Innovation Markets
Successively evaluate opportunities in the global market.

Production efficiency & hinged edge technology with handcrafted and artistic techniques

The implementation of current quality policy represents the joint commitment of management and all employees to comply with all requirements.